Essential Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage

Essential Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Requirements

Long-time Technetics Group nuclear power partner required a unique gasket and seal solution at a second storage site for spent nuclear fuel elements.

Semiconductor Vacuum Pump HELICOFLEX® Case Study

Industry-leading experts in vacuum and abatement in Semiconductor Manufacturing collaborate with Technetics Group to develop efficient solutions that set new standards. 

Semiconductor chemical vapor

Semiconductor Manufacturing Chemical Delivery Case Study

The semiconductor manufacturing process requires the use of highly toxic chemicals. The chemical plant providing these chemicals needed a vacuum-tight seal to transport their product to the semiconductor processing location. Click the link below to read how Technetics tackled these challenges and provided the ultimate solution. 

DEMO Fusion Reactor Case Study

Our client approached Technetics to develop a seal and optimized assembly concept for a maintenance plan to manage the Tokamak port cells for their DEMO fusion reactor. This is no small feat.

Critical Sealing For Hydrogen Production and Storage On-Demand Webinar

Critical Sealing For Hydrogen Production and Storage On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, we discuss the challenges and the hydrogen-related R&D applications where Technetics has already been involved since 2006, including solid oxide fuel cells, high-temperature electrolysis, proton exchange membrane fuel cells and more. Prepare to learn about the challenges and solutions for this exciting green energy source, hydrogen.

Webinar Highlights

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about hydrogen as an energy source
  • Explore hydrogen-related R&D applications that Technetics is involved in
  • Discover how Technetics Group handles hydrogen-related challenge

unhappy airline customer

APU Mechanical Seals Case Study

A sealing problem causing noxious cabin odor made airline passengers very unhappy. The manufacturer needed a reliable solution. Technetics provided it the first time, thanks to our rigorous and thorough design process.


Non-Contacting Lift-Off Seal

Non-Contacting Lift-Off Seal

Oil platform


Alternate Energy Solutions, a division of downhole plug manufacturer Thru-Tubing Systems, required a solution to seal caustic gasses on expired wells for a customer in the South Pacific. They reached out to Technetics Group looking for a metal seal solution.  

Technetics Provides Optimal Sealing Solution at Berkley Lab

As a part of its Advanced Light Source Upgrade, Berkley Lab needed a sealing solution for its accumulator ring. After being invited to conduct a metal seal educational presentation, Technetics received the Accumulator Ring BPM application from Berkley Lab.

Design process goes above and beyond

Design Process That Goes Above and Beyond

Design Process That Goes Above and Beyond

Qualiseal wins over customers with custom design, verification, and field testing. In-house lab testing shortens the validation process by a factor of years. A rigorous design and review process provides customers with peace of mind. The team maintains the relationship with superior customer service.