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Technetics Group Burst Discs

Technetics Group offers high precision burst disc and pressure relief solutions for a wide variety of applications. Our products are designed to fit your exact standards and protect your system from over-pressurization or over-vacuumization.

Our SAFE-SHEAR Burst Disc assemblies are currently protecting diverse systems, from ground-based vehicles to military and space applications such as the V-22 Osprey, numerous satellites such as the Hubble Telescope, Mars Global Surveyor, Gravity Probe B, WISE and International Space Station.

We also produced burst disc relief valves for the Ares and Orion programs, the Space Shuttle, and a variety of current international space vehicles.  Products are suited for extreme conditions such as hard vacuum, high pressure, cryogenic and high temperatures. Technetics Group provides full analytical, design and test support.

Products include SAFE-SHEAR Burst Disc assemblies, pressure relief and check valve assemblies, and burst disc/relief valve units combined into an efficient package for immediate redundancy.  Select a product below, for more information.