Qualiseal® Segmented Seals

In certain extreme applications, a part made of individual segments may meet your critical performance requirements better than a single-piece unit.

Segmented seals ride directly along the shaft and are primarily used in low-pressure applications.

These seals contain a series of segmented carbon rings which contact the shaft or rotor. Segments inside the seal housing are kept in the proper location by anti-rotation keys or pins. A secondary seal is formed by the axial spring loading of the seal rings against the internal surface of the housing face. During movement, a continuous seal is always in contact with either the primary or secondary sealing surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Tolerance to unlimited shaft axial movement
  • Prevents oil and contaminant migration into the process gas side
  • Leakage rates remain constant over the life of the seal
  • Rides directly along the shaft
  • Special gap segments permit the seal to adjust dimensionally for minimal leakage
  • Compression and garter springs ensure that segments remain in contact with mating surfaces during low delta pressure and shutdown conditions
Design Configurations:
  • Various seal ring segment configurations
  • Pressure-balanced segments
  • Fractured rings
  • Multiple seal labyrinth
  • Internally pressurized seal
  • Internally vented seal

Product Applications

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Industrial Industry
Ideal For:
  • Gas seals and for sealing low-pressure liquids


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