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Abradable Seals

FELTMETALTM Abradable Seals - Airflow efficiency for compressors and engines

Technetics Group FELTMETALTM Abradable Seal material provides superior clearance control in blade tip and labyrinth seal applications up to 1400˚F [760˚C]

With 30 years and over 1,000,000,000 hours of successful operation, it is no wonder that FELTMETALTM Abradable Seals have been adopted by major gas turbine manufacturers for flow path efficiency improvements.

Technetics Group FELTMETALTM Abradable Seal material can be manufactured to virtually any size or thickness and can be rolled, formed, or machined to its final configuration.

To learn more about Technetics Group FELTMETALTM Abradable Seals, download our Abradable Seals PDF. You can also contact us for a custom-engineered solution to your application or to request a quote.



In aerospace and industrial turbine applications, Technetics Group FELTMETALTM Abradable Seals are used as blade outer seals, blade inner seals and labyrinth seals.


Technetics Group FELTMETALTM is created by felting raw fiber into sheets. The sheets are then vacuum sintered to form diffusion bonds between fibers. The sintered sheets are then cut and formed to meet your requirements.

Temperature Capability

Parent fiber is selected based on the operating environment you require.

Abradability / Erosion

Abradability and erosion are inversely related. The ultimate tensile strength of the felt is the primary determinant of these properties. The absolute values of the curves represent a given set of test conditions and material. The trends remain consistent between different tests. Technetics can tailor tensile strength to your application. This allows you to tune erosion resistance and abradability properties for a product blend.

Erosion Test
Temp: 70°
Erodant: 180 micron Al2O3
Gas Velocity: 425 ft./min.
Angle: 20°

Abradability Test
Temp: 70°
Tip Speed: 800 ft./sec.
Incursion Rate: 0.010 in./sec.
Incursion Depth: 0.040 in.
Blade Material: Titanium
Blade Thickness: 0.025 in

Abradability Comparison

Technetics Group FELTMETALTM seal abradability properties are superior to competing materials.

Test Conditions
Temp: 70°
Tip Speed: 900 ft./sec.
Incursion Rate: 0.0001 in./sec.
Incursion Depth: 0.040 in.
Blade Material: 403 SS
Blade Thickness: 0.150 in

Blade Tip Photos

The blade tips in the photos below ran against the 1500 psi and 2750 psi felts, respectively, and exhibit no wear and no pick-up of the abradable material.

The blade tip on the left ran against Honeycomb and shows significant amounts of Honeycomb material deposited on the tip. The blade tip on the right ran against Nickel Graphite and illustrates the results of a poor rub. The left views in the photos show the tips worn away by the full 0.040 inches of incursion.

Erosion Comparison

Technetics FELTMETALTM seal erosion properties can be tailored to meet or exceed that of competing materials.