Aerospace Brochure

This brochure provides an overview of Technetics Group products for the aerospace market along with platforms where we have a history of providing excellent products.

Product Overview Brochure

This brochure provides a comprehensive overview of Technetics Group’s product line, offering custom sealing solutions for critical industries.

The Awe and Engineering of Space Exploration

Failure is not an option in human spaceflight and space exploration. That’s why aerospace leaders rely on Technetics Group to provide seals and solutions that perform flawlessly in every launch.

BELFAB® Metal Bellow

BELFAB® Edge Welded Metal Bellows

BELFAB® Edge Welded Metal Bellows offer greater flexibility and control in the smallest possible place.

Qualiseal® Circumferential Seals

Qualiseal® Mechanical Seals Brochure

Turn to Qualiseal® for custom-engineered mechanical sealing solutions that deliver unmatched performance for the most demanding applications.

Metal Seals Master Catalog

Technetics Group is committed to providing the highest quality metal seals and sealing systems. We provide seals for use in some of the most critical and demanding applications, including aerospace, nuclear power generation and automotive.


SLS Case Study

About Qualiseal® Technology

Meet the global leader in custom-engineered mechanical seals for demanding aerospace applications.


Accumulators & Reservoirs

Technetics Group can provide an engineered solution for your application, drawing on our extensive design database and accumulator manufacturing experience.

Semiconductor Wafer

Semiconductor Market Brochure