LAMELFLEX® a Unique Laminated Seal

LAMELFLEX®, a unique laminated seal, is designed for critical service applications and dedicated to achieving the highest efficiency for your triple offset butterfly valves by significantly reducing internal leak paths. With state-of-the-art engineering, our LAMELFLEX® seals form a strong seal against rigid valve seats and deliver optimal cycle frequency and fire safety. Through thoughtful design and precise manufacturing, this product can achieve bidirectional ANSI Class VI shut-off, the most stringent leakage performance standard as tested with liquid nitrogen.

Features & Benefits

The benefits obtained by using LAMELFLEX® seals result from:

  • Complete analysis of the valve – hardware interface with the seal
  • Understanding the interaction between the different materials and their behaviors
  • Taking into account seal assembly in the valve manufacturing process
  • Understanding the effects related to the direction of fluid flow including bidirectional operation
  • Rigorous selection of the appropriate machining method to ensure dimensional tolerances and good surface finish at the valve seat.
  • Special designs available with diverse materials according to specifications
  • Lamination of special material (graphite, PTFE) and metal, offering a combination of compressible and resilient materials
  • Available in sizes from 75 mm to 900 mm (3 inch to 36 inches)

Product Applications

  • Valves: seat sealing, butterfly triplet offset
  • Oil & gas
  • Cryogenic
  • Nuclear power
  • Industrial


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