CEFILAC GPA® Mechanical Seals

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CEFILAC GPA® Mechanical Seals

Thanks to its unique design, the Technetics CEFILAC GPA® seal is a simple and reliable mechanical seal suited for applications involving very difficult media, including abrasive, corrosive, clogging and crystallizing fluids. CEFILAC GPA® seals require no flushing, are environmentally friendly and reduce operating costs.

CEFILAC GPA® mechanical seals are used in the mining industry (alumina and bauxite production) and in sectors that pump abrasive or corrosive fluids, such as phosphoric acid for fertilizers, pulp & paper, calcium carbonate, sugar refining, extraction of limestone, zinc melting, lead and nickel.

CEFILAC GPA® seals can be adapted to nearly all centrifugal pumps, mixers, agitators, drilling heads and other similar equipment, and our engineering staff will direct any modifications required to replace older sealing solutions with CEFILAC GPA® mechanical seals.

Technetics recommends having a solid cartridge assembly ready to apply to the pump shaft. The cartridge type is preset at the factory, and requires no additional adjustment in the field. There is no special machining of the shaft required prior to installation.

To learn more about CEFILAC GPA® Mechanical Seals, download our CEFILAC GPA® mechanical seals PDF. You can also contact us for a custom-engineered solution to your application or to request a quote.