K-Port Metal Sealing

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K-Port Metal Sealing 

Metal Port Seal Technology

The K-Port boss seal is designed to prevent fluid and/or pressure loss between a mating Fluid Fitting (Type AS-933) and fluid Boss Port (Type AS-5202). The AS-5202 is also known as the “old MS-33649 series.” K-Port was designed in house by our expert engineering staff and analyzed through FEA, burst pressure testing and leak testing. It is designed to function under extreme temperatures over a wide pressure range. It has been qualified for space flight and is also used in cryogenic and high temperature applications. The K-Port boss seal can be found in various gas, solid and liquid fuel delivery such as nozzles, AN fittings, sensors, instrumentation and valves.

To learn more about K-Port Seal Technology, download our K-Port Metal Port Seal Technology PDF. You can also contact us for a custom-engineered solution to your application or to request a quote.