ORIGRAF® Graphite Seals

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ORIGRAF® Graphite Seals

Unlike flexible graphite cut gaskets, the compression of the ORIGRAF® die-formed seal is limited by a mechanical stop: groove or inner and/or outer ring. In the case of assemblies subject to extreme pressure and/or temperature this design prevents application of an excessive seating stress on the seal during transients.


Features and Benefits

  • Elastic recovery up to 50% of the compression
  • Low creep and relaxation
  • Temperature from -196°C up to 2,500°C (-321°F to 4,532°F) (inert atmosphere)
  • Pressure up to 400 bar (5,802 PSI)
  • Good resistance to radiation (nuclear application)
  • Chemical resistance
  • Withstand differential radial motion


Applications Include:

  • Steam generator, pressurizer
  • Shut off valves, adjustment and regulation in linear movement, and quarter rotation
  • Heat exchanger
  • Piping connecting flange and boiler devices
  • Piping shutters
  • Rotating machinery: interior of pumps and compressors
  • Device closings with autoclave systems
  • Hot air and other gas circuit
  • Cryogenic applications
  • Valves: body/bonnet sealing, seat sealing


To learn more about the ORIGRAF® Graphite Seal, download our Flexible Graphite Seals Catalog. You can also contact us for a custom-engineered solution to your application or to request a quote.