How On-Site Clean Rooms Set Technetics Apart

Often in manufacturing, being almost to standard would be a disaster. Products must be built just right, with the consequences of falling short, potentially the difference between life and death, or at least the success or failure of a product.

Andrew Bastion, Technetics Group’s Director of Product Management and Strategy, and his team know things must be done precisely. Luckily, they use on-site clean rooms to ensure contaminants aren’t introduced in the PTFE manufacturing process for products destined for the semiconductor industry.

Andrew Bastian

Having a trio of clean rooms, two rated Class 8 and one Class 5, on-site means that, unlike many of its competitors, Technetics doesn’t have to ship products off to a facility elsewhere. Many other companies are shipping products long distances to places like Florida or California to complete the manufacturing and cleaning process.

“I don’t know of any [of our competitors] that have an on-site Class 5 cleanroom,” Bastian said. “I believe that we’re the only one, and that’s the reason that we’ve done very well in this. If you need a product that is cleaned and you need it fast, we have to be one of the best options because everyone else is shipping them back and forth across the country.”

The process saves a minimum of three days but often even longer if standard shipping is used rather than overnight. Technetics’s advantage in the area is clear. That’s great news for many companies in emerging semiconductor industries, which are seeking more and more verifiably clean components.

“The two major industries where we’re seeing this used are semiconductor and medical devices. Semiconductor is definitely the largest by volume. They used PTFE in their wet chemical processes and any debris or FOD, foreign-object debris, in the process is a potential contaminate on a wafer,” Bastion said.