2017 Clive Young Award

Technetics recently delivered a technical presentation in Kobe, Japan as part of the PATRAM show. Florent Ledrappier of the maestral R&D lab represented Technetics during the “Numerical Simulation of HELICOFLEX® Metallic Gasket Aging Mechanism for Spent” presentation and was honored with the Clive Young Award for Distinguished Oral Presentations.

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Coup de Cœur de l'Économie Loire 2017

Technetics was awarded a "Coup de Cœur de l'Économie Loire 2017" trophy in the Sustainable Development category. Jean-Paul Blanc, Director of Territorial Development for EDF, presented the award on Wednesday, February 16th, in the presence of nine other winning companies and a few personalities from the Loire region, where both the St. Etienne and Montbrison plants are based.

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2016 BMA Bell Awards

Technetics received an Excellence Award at the 2016 BMA Bell Awards for the redesign of its website. The new website is responsive for a seamless user experience across all types of devices. It also updates the design and functionality to improve navigation and to create a modern, stylish look that reflects Technetics’ product lines and markets. Since it was launched, the new website has seen a 17.7% increase in laptop and desktop traffic, a 29% increase in mobile and tablet traffic and a 10.3% increase in session duration on mobile and tablet devices. 

2015 Marcom Awards

In 2015, Technetics was recognized with three MARCOM awards. The technical article, Spring-Energized Metal Seals Help Protect Equipment, received a gold award for its discussion of the wide range of oil and gas industry applications for these innovative products. We also received a platinum award for our Aerospace Sealing and Component Solutions market overview video and a gold award for our Industrial Turbine Sealing Solutions and Systems market overview video. 

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2015 USC Outstanding Employer Award

The University of South Carolina (USC) bestowed its Outstanding Employer Award on Technetics in 2015. The award resulted from the efforts of Associate Engineer Jessica Coppin, who graduated from USC and joined Technetics as an intern before being hired on full-time. Ms. Coppin nominated Technetics and her manager, Jason Adams, for the award, for their excellence in providing a nurturing, one-on-one career development experience.

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2014 Marcom Awards

Technetics received six 2014 MARCOM awards, recognizing excellence in various categories, including website redesign, internal newsletters, design/animation and two technical articles — a gold award for Keeping it Tight: Sealing Nuclear’s Future, which discusses the importance of sealing systems in power plant safety; and a platinum award for our oil and gas market coverage in Inflatable Seals for Critical Offshore Applications.