Quick Disconnect System (QDS)

The Quick Disconnect System (QDS) is designed to quickly assemble and disassemble a flange joint while offering space-saving features compared to a traditional bolted assembly. It is faster and easier to install, especially in tight locations where access to bolts and screws may be difficult. This feature is especially beneficial in environments where time for seal changes needs to be reduced to the minimum such as radioactive environments where personnel exposure is an issue.

The QDS is available in both standard ISO-KF sizes and custom sizes for low, medium and high-pressure and temperature applications. Because the flanges and clamp lips are conical, the QDS is able to self-adjust to the thickness of the seal, thus enabling various seal types to be employed. During tightening, no torsion torque is applied to the pipes.

Technetics has the ability to adapt our QDS solutions to your very specific, complex and critical applications, incorporating finite element analysis to validate the dimensioning.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick tightening
  • Space-saving
  • Easy assembling
  • Remote handling
  • Standard and engineering design
  • Extensive lifetime (over 10 years)
  • Complete validation of assembly with FEA (Finite Element
  • Non-magnetic (optional)
  • No twisting torque on the pipe
  • Large dimension range from pipe DN 10 to DN 600

Product Applications

  • Nuclear: primary loop, filters, thermocouple nozzles, removable, flanges
  • Research laboratories
  • Ultra-high vacuum: accelerators & fusion research
  • PVD/CVD/etch equipment
  • Gas/chemical delivery
  • Pressure vessels: design of pressure equipment closings
  • Aerospace


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