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MS O-FLEX™ Metal O-Rings 

O-FLEX Seals for Military Standards

O-FLEX Metal O-Rings are designed to provide a sealing option for high pressure/temperature applications that require minimal spring back. The O-FLEX™ is made from high strength metal tubing that is coiled, cut and welded to size. It is available in standard cross section increments of 1/32”. The O-FLEX seating load can be adjusted to the application by varying the cross section and tubing wall thickness. Typical applications include Performance Engines, Plastic Extrusion/Molding, Military Specifications, Aerospace and Chemical Processing.

O-Flex Types

  • The basic O-FLEX is designed for low to moderate pressure applications as high pressure may collapse the exposed tubing wall.
  • The Self-Energizing O-FLEX is designed for high pressure applications. Small holes are drilled in the tubing wall exposed to the system pressure. These holes create an energizing effect by allowing the pressure to enter the O-FLEX. As a result, the pressure inside the seal increases with the system pressure and minimizes the possibility of collapsing the exposed tubing wall.
  • The Pressure Filled O-FLEX is designed for Performance Engine applications that require sealing at elevated pressure and temperature in a high cycling environment. The O-FLEX is filled with an inert gas that increases in pressure proportional to increases in system temperature. This results in an energizing effect that partially offsets the loss of material strength in service.

To learn more about MS O-FLEX Metal O-Rings, download our  O-FLEX Metal O-Rings PDF. You can also contact us for a custom-engineered solution to your application or to request a quote.