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Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Seals 

Sealing Concept

Technetics Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) Closure Head Seals. In addition, Technetics Group sealing technology is used extensively as primary seals on spent fuel storage and transportation casks.

To learn more about Technetics Group’s Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Seals, download our Nuclear RPV Seals PDF. You can also contact us for a custom-engineered solution to your application or to request a quote.

O-FLEX Metal O-Rings

The O-FLEX is manufactured of Alloy 718 or Stainless Steel 304 tubing. Alloy 718 is the most common and preferred material because it offers optimum strength, spring back and resistance to radiation and corrosion. The base tubing is plated with pure (99.95%) silver. This combination of elastic core (tubing) with deformable plastic layer (silver) provides durable sealing for traditional Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessels.

Helicoflex® Spring Energized Seals

The HELICOFLEX® seal is a high performance, flexible, metal seal that has exceptional compression and elastic recovery properties. The HELICOFLEX® seal is composed of a closewound helical spring surrounded by two metal jackets. The spring is selected to have a specific compression resistance. During compression, the resulting specific pressure forces the jacket to yield and fill the flange imperfections while ensuring positive contact with the flange sealing faces. Each coil of the helical spring acts independently and allows the seal to conform to surface irregularities on the flange surface. This combination of elasticity and plasticity makes the HELICOFLEX®seal the best choice for ageing reactors.

General Services

  • Global leader for more than 50 years in nuclear RPV seal design and manufacturing. References available.
  • RPV seal design and manufacturing for most PWR Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) and all BWR NPPs worldwide and to major NSSS worldwide. References available.
  • Spent fuel cask seal design to all major spent fuel (transportation and storage) casks manufacturers worldwide. References available.
  • Individual RPV seal design and recommendations for newly built PWR and BWR units.
  • Seal and retainer design improvements to meet today’s industries requirements of tight outage itineraries and ALARA requirements.
  • Qualified and experienced on-site field services to evaluate the cause of numerous RPV seal problems, i.e. for RPV seal leakages, etc.
  • Nuclear seal qualification services for new applications.
  • Quality Assurance program based on the requirements of 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, ASME, N45.2, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes V and IX, NUPIC audited.
  • 3rd party evaluation available for on-site laser scan & repair of mating surfaces, reactor pressure vessel flange, and pressure vessel closure head grooves.
  • NPP field staff training available, i.e. handling, installation, removal of RPV seals.
  • Airfreight packaging and crating and airfreight arrangement for quick response transportation (airfreight capability limitation given by seal design).