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O-FLEX™ Metal O-Rings 

O-FLEX metal O-rings are designed to provide a sealing option for high pressure/temperature applications that require minimal spring back. The O-FLEX metal O-ring is made from high strength metal tubing that is coiled, cut and welded to size. It is available in standard cross section increments of 1/32”. The O-FLEX metal O-ring seating load can be adjusted to the application by varying the cross section and tubing wall thickness. 


Features and Benefits

  • Cross section and wall thickness designed to control loading
  • Available for internal and external pressure
  • Styles: regular and vented/pressure balanced
  • Pressure: from high vacuum to 500+ bar (7,252+ PSI)
  • Temperature from -273°C to 650°C (-460°F to 1200°F)
  • Range of materials (SS 321, Alloy 600, X750, 718) - others available
  • Platings and coatings: silver, gold, nickel, PTFE (others available)
  • Custom shapes and sizes available


Applications Include:

  • Nuclear: reactor pressure vessels, control rods, spent fuel casks
  • Plastics/film: extrusion, spinnerets, filters, hot runners
  • Industrial: compressors, waste heat
  • Automotive: head/cylinder sealing
  • Defense/military: MS O-rings


To learn more about O-FLEX metal O-rings, download our  O-FLEX Metal O-Rings PDF. You can also contact us for a custom-engineered solution to your application or to request a quote.