Confidence for Critical Applications

At Technetics Group, we deliver highly engineered solutions for critical applications in the most demanding environments leveraging our material, sealing and systems expertise. Our products are crafted from a passion for excellence. Our team is spurred by grit and determination to push beyond the expected. And our solutions are backed by knowledge and experience that makes it all possible.

For the
Most Extreme

From the center of a nuclear reactor pressure vessel to the deepest recesses of a 250-ton jet soaring across the sky, Technetics Group is your globally trusted source for sealing, component and sub-system technology products. We design solutions that can withstand the world’s most demanding environments, all custom-engineered to meet the critical requirements of the most extreme applications, in a wide variety of industries.

Where You Need Us

Our products are found in power generators and pharmaceutical plants, in the far reaches of outer space and deep underground. While the circumstances may vary, the quality and dependability of our products do not. We always strive to go beyond your already high expectations from inception through installation, inspection and service.

Sealing Solutions Combinations

Sealing Solutions

Engineered for the ultimate in safety, performance and durability, our high-performance sealing solutions are built to withstand the most challenging demands, from nuclear reactors to petrochemical refineries.

Performance Systems

With over 60 years of design experience and thousands of time-tested applications, our systems improve performance, enhance safety and provide proven reliability, even in hard vacuum, high pressure, cryogenic and high temperature environments.


We offer a wide range of customized materials. They perform in the most extreme temperature, pressure and corrosive environments and also provide benefits of high purity, sound absorption, noise reduction and structural enhancement.

Semiconductor Equipment Chamber Subsystems

Our custom-engineered integrated sub-systems provide the in-chamber process control you need in your PVD, CVD or ETCH Semiconductor Process Equipment chamber. Our products include Electrostatic Chuck Pedestals, Heater Pedestals, RF Source & Lid Assemblies, Bellows Pedestal & Wafer Lift Assemblies and more.