Critical Solutions for Commercial Aircraft

When an aircraft soars 30,000 feet in the sky, Technetics Group keeps your confidence high. Our critical components are found throughout nearly every section of a commercial airliner, from the APU exhaust to the gearboxes to accessories to turbine engines. Technetics Group provides critical solutions to assist in pressure regulation, noise control, fluid conveyance and fire protection.

Insights into the Aerospace Industry

It is essential to regularly review the quarterly earnings reports of major players in the market to gain insight into the industry’s current state. In addition to analyzing earnings reports, it is essential to consider supply chain issues and significant companies’ actions to address them.
Access this interview with Jason Riggs, Director of Sales for North America at Technetics, to learn about the recent trends in the commercial aerospace industry.

As aircraft design grows increasingly complex, so does your reliance on better and longer lasting aircraft seals and engineered components. At Technetics Group, we meet the most stringent requirements for large and small commercial aircraft, regional and business jets, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Case Studies