Critical Solutions for the Military

We provide sealing quality and support where it matters most. Backed by decades of industry expertise and experience, we’re the trustworthy source for military-grade sealing solutions. That’s why you’ll find Technetics Group products on hundreds of platforms on land, sea, air and space. For example, several materials used in the D5LEP Trident Missile Program, and we perform AMS 2491 etching as required by various military programs.

Many military programs use Technetics Group metal seals, plate seals, mechanical seals and abradable seals. Our metal seals are essential in jet engines, European nuclear submarines, military naval vessels, and clearance control for turbine engines. Metal seals are also used to protect critical sensors, electronics and weapons systems for missiles, satellites and ground vehicles.  A variety of turbine applications for power generation, tanks and aircraft engines also use our highly engineered metal seals.

Case Studies