Hydrogen-The Hydrogen Future is Now

Hydrogen has the potential to become a leader in green, renewable energy sources. Join us as Technetics Group sealing experts and industry thought leaders discuss all things hydrogen. Get an inside look at hydrogen industry trends, research and development, and applications.

Mechanical Seals – Get It Right The First Time On-Demand Webinar

This webinar highlights how Technetics approaches mechanical seal design and testing and how that translates to solving our customer’s problems the first time, every time.

Critical Sealing For Hydrogen Production and Storage On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, prepare to learn about the challenges and solutions for this exciting green energy source, hydrogen.

Space Dragon Space Craft

Failure Is Not An Option On-Demand Webinar

Learn why static seals play such a vital role in critical applications, including the space industry.

HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® Texturized Seal Concept and Overview

HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® On-demand Webinar

Technetics Group was the first to create the texturized seal concept with the goal of addressing issues with a metallic solution. Texturization has made many advances in the last few years and is now worldly applied thanks to Technetics’ innovation.