Hydrogen-The Hydrogen Future is Now

The Hydrogen Future is Now

Webinar Highlights

Hydrogen has the potential to become a leader in green, renewable energy sources. Join us as Technetics Group sealing experts and industry thought leaders discuss all things hydrogen. Get an inside look at hydrogen industry trends, research and development, and applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about hydrogen as an energy source
  • Review the latest information on hydrogen industry trends
  • Discover new trends in hydrogen research and development
  • Explore the most popular hydrogen applications

This webinar will also cover PEM electrolyzers, porous transport layer (PTL), hydrogen gas handling, storage and transportation, and the future of hydrogen.

Mechanical Seals – Get It Right The First Time On-Demand Webinar

Mechanical Seals – Get It Right The First Time

This webinar highlights how Technetics approaches mechanical seal design and testing and how that translates to solving our customer’s problems the first time, every time

We reference a real case study where a Qualiseal hydrodynamic face seal was utilized to solve a complex sealing problem for a global APU manufacturer.

Webinar Highlights

Key Takeaways:

  • What is a Mechanical Seal
  • How are Mechanical Seals designed
  • Why are Mechanical Seals important in the Aerospace industry
  • Learn about Technetics design, analysis and testing process

Join us as Jason Riggs and Bob Jones detail the extensive design and analysis process step by step to demonstrate how Technetics’ process differs from other seal suppliers and explain how our approach saves customers time and money when compared to our competitors.

Critical Sealing For Hydrogen Production and Storage On-Demand Webinar

Critical Sealing For Hydrogen Production and Storage On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, we discuss the challenges and the hydrogen-related R&D applications where Technetics has already been involved since 2006, including solid oxide fuel cells, high-temperature electrolysis, proton exchange membrane fuel cells and more. Prepare to learn about the challenges and solutions for this exciting green energy source, hydrogen.

Webinar Highlights

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about hydrogen as an energy source
  • Explore hydrogen-related R&D applications that Technetics is involved in
  • Discover how Technetics Group handles hydrogen-related challenge

Space Dragon Space Craft

Failure Is Not An Option On-Demand Webinar

Failure is Not an Option On-Demand Webinar, Static Metal Seals for Space Applications

Learn why static seals play such a vital role in critical applications, including the space industry.

Our Technetics engineers work directly with our customers to create the ideal sealing solution.

Webinar Highlights

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you need a metal seal
  • How metal seals work
  • What is a metal seal
  • Groove design considerations
  • Application Conditions
  • Leak rate discussion
  • Question & answer session

Learn about the basics of metal seals and their importance in this training presented by, Technetics Group Design Engineers, Michael Shealy, and Steven Henning, as well as Senior Project Engineer, Jason Adams.

HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® Texturized Seal Concept and Overview

HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® On-demand Webinar

On-demand Webinar: Technetics Group Introduces HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL®, Critical Sealing Technology

The HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® texturized seal is a low-load metal seal which allows for the optimization of assemblies at the design phase. It offers uncomplicated installation while achieving a superior sealing level and maintaining performance over time with possibilities of reuse.

A product of the technical collaboration of Technetics Group and the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), this innovation allows us to address issues that other metallic solutions couldn’t solve.

Webinar Highlights

Key Takeaways

  • HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® offers a higher seal capacity to withstand service conditions (pressure & temperature)
  • HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® has a lower required load with optimal sealing
  • HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® provides better sealing performance
  • HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® has a lower sensitivity to flange surface defects
  • HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® offers the possibility of reuse

Presented by Technetics Group, Mechanical Engineers, Frédéric Sauvinet (HELICOFLEX® Seals Product Manager) and Philippe Favre (Nuclear Market Manager)