Design process goes above and beyond

Design Process That Goes Above and Beyond

Qualiseal wins over customers with custom design, verification, and field testing. A rigorous design and review process provides customers with peace of mind.

HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® Texturized Seal Concept and Overview

HELICOFLEX® TEXEAL® Texturized Seal Concept and Overview

Technetics Group was the first to create the texturized seal concept with the goal of addressing issues with a metallic solution. Texturization has made many advances in the last few years and is now worldly applied thanks to Technetics’ innovation.

The Awe and Engineering of Space Exploration

Failure is not an option in human spaceflight and space exploration. That’s why aerospace leaders rely on Technetics Group to provide seals and solutions that perform flawlessly in every launch.

How Groove Dimensions Affect Seal Design

When trying to optimize the sealing performance of the system and reach those very tight leak rate performance targets, it’s very critical to have the optimum groove design so that the seal can be compressed as intended

Airplane Turbine Engine Cutaway

3D Tour of Sealing Solutions and Acoustic Attenuation on Commercial Aircraft

Deep inside every aircraft metal seals, mechanical seals, brush seals, and elastomeric seals are working to provide safety and efficiency. Take a look inside a turbine engine to learn how these seals play a critical role in the engine’s performance. In this video, you will also see where our patented acoustic Feltmetal® is specified in the auxiliary power unit to dampen engine noise for passenger comfort and regulation compliance. Since the 1950s, Technetics Group has been engineering aerospace components including abradable Feltmetal® seals, brush seals, face seals, circumferential seals, elastomer seals, static metal seals, acoustic media, burst discs, edge-welded metal bellows, and accumulators.

Laboratoire Maestral, une collaboration unique entre les ingénieurs du CEA et de Technetics

Maestral Lab – a Collaboration of the CEA and Technetics Engineers Unique Design Testing Capability

Travailler au laboratoire Maestral