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Advanced Assembly

High-performance Assembly &
Test Services for all your system integration needs.

Sources/Electromechanical Assemblies

Technetics Group fabricates, assembles, and tests full product assemblies for customers seeking to achieve maximum, economical throughput. Outsourcing such responsibilities for current products – and those coming off the drawing board – allows you to free up valuable technical support, equipment, floor space, and investment resources in order to meet the emerging needs of YOUR customers.

With the majority of our customers involved in the highly demanding semiconductor manufacturing equipment, ultra high vacuum, space/aerospace, and medical industries, you can be certain that Technetics Group holds itself to the highest level of production standards. The systems within which our assemblies operate involve some of the most sophisticated equipment in the world today. There is no margin for error, no excuse for failure, and no acceptance for anything other than total reliability. This is the environment in which we must perform, the standard to which we are held, and it’s the performance you can expect.

Technetics Group can deliver completed, fully tested assemblies directly to your integration point, final test facility, or to any depot for spares consumption. Although assemblies utilizing welding and/or cleanroom fabrication are focal points for the operation, they are not explicit requirements. Engineering capability, materials management, and an emphasis on customer service drive the business.

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